First Comprehension Teacher's Guide

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    ISBN: 9780721712222
    Product description for Parents
    First Comprehension provides an early introduction to written comprehension, developing children’s enthusiasm for reading and their ability to interpret texts. A downwards extension of the award-winning Key Stage 2 Comprehension, First Comprehension is suitable for children who have not previously attempted formal written comprehension.

    The First Comprehension Teacher’s Guide provides a wealth of supporting information and resources, enabling you to use First Comprehension to its full potential. Teaching notes help you to introduce each text and to mark children’s written answers to the questions. Follow-up activities, for group or whole-class use, include speaking and listening work. This provides opportunities for further discussion – and sometimes a chance to learn poetry by heart.

    The Teacher’s Guide includes:

    advice on how to introduce children to the skills required for written comprehension
    a description of the different question types included and the ways in which they are presented
    sample answers and a Group record sheet for each book, allowing you to monitor the progress of each child
    charts showing you how First Comprehension supports the requirements of the National Curriculum
    cross-curricular content tables that help you to link First Comprehension work with topics in other areas of study.

    Suitable for: Key Stage 1 / Key Stage 2 level for ages 6 to 8
    |Pages: 64

    Publisher: Schofield & Sims

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