First Mental Arithmetic Teacher's Guide

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    ISBN: 9780721712109
    Product description for Parents
    First Mental Arithmetic provides rich and varied practice to develop pupils’ essential maths skills at Key Stage 1 and prepare them for all aspects of the national tests.

    The First Mental Arithmetic Teacher’s Guide offers a full introduction to the First Mental Arithmetic series, including guidance on choosing the most appropriate book for each child, as well as diagnostic support and more than 20 photocopiable classroom resources.

    Key features of the First Mental Arithmetic Teacher’s Guide include:

    an Overview of the series, describing how the books may best be used
    two Entry Tests to help you choose the most appropriate book for each child
    Diagnostic Checks for each First Mental Arithmetic pupil book
    Maths Facts copymasters including number lines from 0-20, 1 to 100 chart and word cards with numbers as words from one to ten
    book-specific Language of Maths glossaries to photocopy and distribute to the children.

    Suitable for: Key Stage 1 / Key Stage 2 level for ages 5 to 7
    Pages: 72

    Publisher: Schofield & Sims

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