First Dictionary and Thesaurus Activities

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    ISBN: 9780721711430
    Product description for Parents
    This workbook has been specially written for use with the Schofield & Sims First Illustrated Dictionary or First Dictionary and with the Schofield & Sims First Thesaurus - choose between the two dictionaries according to which books you have available and how much support individual children need. Presented as a one-per-child workbook, the First Dictionary and Thesaurus Activities will provide you with a permanent record of each child's work.

    The activities contained with the book:

    clearly demonstrate the value of the dictionary and thesaurus and help children to develop the skills and knowledge that they need for using them
    include clear and attractive illustrations
    are enjoyable and stimulating
    enriching children's language and encouraging them to be more accurate and more adventurous in their choice of words
    may be completed in class or as homework
    include helpful notes for teachers and a list of objectives covered.

    Suitable for: Key Stage 1 / Key Stage 2 level for ages 5 to 9
    Pages: 46

    Publisher: Schofield & Sims

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