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    ISBN: 9780721711416
    Product description for Parents
    All the Schofield & Sims dictionaries stand alone as excellent sources of reference. The dictionaries and word books widen children's vocabulary and improve their reading and writing skills. They have been carefully graded so that each builds on the earlier one - thus providing a natural progression.

    The Schofield & Sims First Dictionary

    contains more than 5000 headwords - plus short forms/plurals/alternative verb forms/comparatives/superlatives
    gives help with some pronunciation
    features a special introduction for children 'What is a dictionary?'
    gives concise instructions on 'How to use this book'
    reinforces knowledge of the alphabet by providing an alphabet strip on each page
    includes clear guide words indicating the first and last headwords on each spread
    features separate lists of high frequency words (derived from Letters and Sounds) pronouns/opposites/synonyms/numbers
    provides additional lists of topic words on the themes school/places/travelling
    is supported by the First Dictionary & Thesaurus Activities (available separately).

    Suitable for: Key Stage 1 / Key Stage 2 level for ages 5 to 9
    Pages: 224

    Publisher: Schofield & Sims

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